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With this wordpress plugin you can customize the pictures on your site with one click.You can make your pictures customize to your site with the help of cronjob or at the entrance of each visitor.

All features of the plug-in can be easily set with the help of the panel and can be selected as an option. After setting the options 1 time, it automatically resizes the pictures you have uploaded and what you have uploaded.Replaces pictures and arranges them in a way that search engines love.

With the watermark feature you can add your own logo to your pictures and give effect to the pictures.


  • Picture Brightness
    - Picture Mirroring
    - Picture Black White
    - Picture Filter Contrast
    - Picture Filter Smooth
    - Watermark
    - Continuous Work
    - Working with Cronjob

The plugin tries to automatically customize the pictures of the year and month you are in, in the uploads folder of your site, so it does not customize the pictures in different folders and taken from outside.

Server Requirements
- Wordpress
- PHP 5.6 and higher
- Apache Mod_Rewrite
- Linux / cPanel Recommended

Installation Instructions

You can install the plugin in zip format with the Add new option from the Plugins section on the wordpress admin panel, or you can manually import the plug-out and transfer it to the plugins folder via ftp and activate it from the plugins section.

Your license will be activated automatically.


Images cannot be restored after activating and running the plugin, so please make a full backup of your site before installing the plugin. Don't forget to install cronjob if the continuous work feature is off, otherwise the plugin will not work!

If you are uploading too many images, we do not recommend that you run the continuous work feature, instead of using the cronjob feature, it will be better and better for you.

Update Version History

- Mirror and Brightness feature added
- Cronjob feature released

- Black and white feature added
- Added some filter features
- Watermark feature added
- Fixed some bugs in Cronjob feature

License terms can vary depending on the product, you can browse it while purchasing and you can choose the period you want to buy, but generally our products are sold with a lifetime license.

The installation process is very easy. It does not have extreme and complex operations. There are instructions in the setup file. If you want us to do the installation process, this is done at an additional cost.

Our software is licensed as a domain, you need to buy the product again for each new domain. The ordered script is licensed to the domain specified in the order. After the script installation is complete, no domain changes are made.

Licenses past 1 month from the order date are not changed. However, we can change the extension of the same domain as you like. For example: .net will then change to .com.

Of course. However, your hosting service must meet the "server requirements" specified on the product introduction page.

We provide technical support for any problems, errors or disruptions that may be associated with the standard operation of our products. Apart from that, you need to get paid support for all the issues.

Orders made by credit card are automatically confirmed and your account is defined. Orders paid by bank transfer are approved within the same day.

Once your order is confirmed, your download link is automatically defined for your customer account.

Special requests are made with a fee. Please contact us in this regard.

Unfortunately. Our software is domain-licensed and is in the form of file delivery and is non-refundable. For this reason, please examine our demo presentations in detail.

You can run our software in the subfolder of your site. However, in order to run as a subdomain, you must define a license to be a subdomain.