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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase software ?

You can purchase the product by entering the product page you want to buy by following the related instructions. The purchase process will guide you step by step. We offer you many different payment methods you can easily make your payments.

My license expired? what should I do ?

You cannot use the product when your license expires, you must have an active product linked to your account. By purchasing it again, you can continue to use the product actively.

I formatted my computer, my license does not appear active ?

When you format, sometimes the license may become corrupted, so you can create a support request and reset your license.

How many computers can I use the license on ?

Our products can only be licensed to one computer. If you want to use it on a different computer, you must place a new order.

Are software detected as viruses ?

Yes, it can be detected, but there is absolutely no virus etc. in our products. Our products are encrypted for security and therefore antivirus programs can identify programs as encrypted programs.