Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering Services

# Product Name Price
0 Reverse Engineering (.exe .dll) | 0 MB - 5 MB (Single File)
$49.90 (One Time) Buy
1 Reverse Engineering (.exe .dll) | 0 MB - 10 MB (Single File)
$119.90 (One Time) Buy
2 Reverse Engineering (.exe .dll) | 0 MB - 30 MB (Single File)
$199.90 (One Time) Buy
3 Reverse Engineering (.exe .dll) | 0 MB - 50 MB (Single File)
$290.90 (One Time) Buy
4 Reverse Engineering (.sys) | 0 MB - 50 MB (Single File)
$349.90 (One Time) Buy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reverse Engineering Service ?

The purpose of this service is to check the content of unlicensed software at the assembly level, and to analyze and debug the software's connections and transactions as long as permitted by law. This service is a service that should be preferred in order to detect the malicious software and the content of which is not known, the software that looks good on the front side but performs bad operations in the background and the server connections. Software owners can also use this service to analyze and identify errors and security for their software.

Do you provide this service for legal software ?

No, this service is only for analyzing unlicensed illegal and unsafe software. The owner of the software may use this service for its own software.

Can the software developer buy this service for his software ?

Yes, we provide this service, the software developer can benefit from this service for his own software and his own software to analyze and debug their own vulnerabilities. However, the software owner must prove that the software belongs to him / herself. For more information, please contact our support system.

Can public institutions benefit from this service ?

Yes, we offer this service to the public authorities for some special cases, the governmental can benefit from this service.

How do I purchase the service ?

You can select and purchase the appropriate package for this service from the product page. After the purchase, please send us the related software. Since we do not offer a server-based service, the software you submit is deleted after the process. When submitting, if the software does not meet our requirements, the service will not be provided and the fee will be refunded or you will be contacted to meet the terms.

How long does it take ?

It varies according to the type of service and our workload. It usually takes 3-7 working days. But for some special cases, this period may be extended, in such cases we inform our customer.

For which operating systems do you provide this service ?

For now, we only provide this service for Windows-based software. This service is suitable for Windows-based library software (.dll), programs (.exe) and drivers (.sys).

How is reporting done after service ?

After all transactions and analyzes have been completed, a detailed report will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Do you provide services for encrypted software ?

Yes, but it depends on the type of encryption. We do not provide this service if strong encryption and advanced work is required.