Obfuscation Services

Let's encrypt your software and codes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Obfuscation Service ?

An encryption service for the security of your software and code so that others cannot debug and analyze. Your software cannot be cracked, other people will not be able to see the code you write, and most importantly it provides security for your database connections.

How is encryption done ?

With the software we specially produce, we first encrypt 90% of your code and then manually encrypt 10% of your code.

Will your encryption be exposed ?

Our encryption software is our own software that has been worked on for years. We never share our resources and encryption software with our customers to avoid reverse engineering. But your need to know that we have to use encryption that the computer system can read and decode therefore, it is possible to break even if there is a very low probability. If you find a debfuscator on the Internet, please let us know.

Do I have to send the my source code for encryption ?

First of all it depends on the type of encryption and the language of the software. We don't require source code for .NET languages ​​and Windows-based software, but for PHP, Javascript-style web-based languages,we want the codes of the related page.

How do I upload the software or source code to be encrypted ?

To do this, you first need to purchase this service from the relevant product page. At the time of purchase, there is a step to upload the software to be encrypted.You can send us with this step. After the encryption, you can download the encrypted product from the customer panel.

How long does the encryption process take ?

Depending on the processing density and the type of encryption to be performed, it can take up to 3-48 hours. Please note that we manually encrypt at least 10%

I'm going to do a lot of encryption, can you make a discount ?

If you want to perform bulk encryption, or if you are developing version programs or software, let us know. You will receive detailed information and a discount will be provided.

Do Anti-Virus software detect encryption as a virus ?

Antivirus programs, scan the program's codes, if they come across code that they cannot understand and cannot decode, some antivirus may identify it as encrypted software, but it does not apply to all antivirus.If you want to make your software clean for all antiviruses, you can certify your software as "Code Signing", this will eliminate the problem. You can get detailed information by contacting us.